Isä anna minulle anteeksi, 2016/ Father Forgive Me 2016

Elk hide, tar, antlers, yarn, paper, roller, fishing prizes.


Isä anna minulle anteeksi 2. / Father please forgive me 2

Fishing prizes, fishing wire

Kaikki rakkaani 2016/ All My Love 2016

Photographs, cross stitch, photo frames, table, table cloth, dried flowers, decorative objects



Pöytä kahdelle 2015 / Table for Two 2015







Five sisters 2013

Bird heads, latex, bird food

Pehmeät kivet 2013/ Soft Rocks 2013

Textile, rock


Saman katon alla, Perhe, Naisten ryhmä / Under the Same Roof, Family, Women's Group

Over a period of four years from 2009 I was creating a family of large dolls from rags and found textile materia. The dolls were over life-size; I wanted to show the family from a perspective of a child.

Peruna päät 2007/ Potato Heads 2007

Cotton, foam sheet, glue, paper pulp

Mehuhetki 2007

Juice pipes, plaster, wood